What are good vitamins for diabetes*

Do vitamins help against type 2 diabetes?

Asked by Melissa Dashensa, San Diego, California

Are vitamin D, calcium and magnesium effective in preventing type 2 diabetes? If so, how much should one take?

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Type 2 diabetes, which is also called adult onset diabetes, is a growing problem in the Western world and is most common in the overweight and the obese It occurs when cellular tissues develop resistance to insulin stimulation This is referred to as "insulin resistance" The result is insulin is not able to move glucose from blood into the cells and the blood glucose level rises

There are also several studies published in the past 10 years that correlate a low magnesium intake or low level of magnesium in the blood with greater risk of development of diabetes The design of these studies is very similar to the vitamin D studiesThe result is insulin is not able to move glucose from blood into the cells and the blood glucose level rises. They show a correlation and not a causation

Magnesium is found in nuts, beans, whole grains and green leafy vegetables magnesium levels are generally good in people who have a balanced diet Like calcium, most physicians check it routinely and will obtain dietary counseling for moderately low levels or prescribe replacement if the level is very low The recommended daily requirements for adolescent and adult males are 270 to 400 mg per day Adolescent and adult females should get 280 to 300 mg per day Pregnant and breastfeeding women should get more: 320 to 355 mg

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