Does magnesium citrate need to be refrigerated after opening*

Magnesium Citrate and Bowel Cleansing

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Cut out high-residue foods the day before your cleanse Examples include fresh or dried fruits, marmalade, vegetables and cloves

Switch to clear liquids only on the morning of your cleanse From the time you wake up on the day you plan on doing your magnesium citrate bowel cleanse, drink only clear liquids Do not eat any foods so that you can get everything out of your colon with the magnesium citrateDo not contaminate the formula by drinking directly from the bottle. Examples of clear fluids include water, coffee or tea with no milk, broth, sports drinks with electrolytes, apple or white grape juice or any other fluids you can see through

Refrigerate the magnesium citrate bottles Magnesium citrate tastes bad to most people who drink it To make it a little more palatable, refrigerate it Cold magnesium citrate is often more tolerable than warm magnesium citrate

Take one bottle of magnesium citrate at 4 pm Drink it quickly and get it over with If you have trouble with the taste, add some ice cubes to further chill it The colder it is, the easier it is for most people to drink After you drink all of it, follow up with a full glass of water

Drink another bottle at 7 pm Again, drink it quickly and follow it with a glass of water

Keep drinking fluids Magnesium citrate can cause dehydration, so keep drinking fluids throughout the day You need to drink enough to replace what you lose through your bowel movements plus what you would regularly consume in a day The electrolytes in sports drinks can help replace lost nutrients from diarrhea, so consider drinking at least a few of these types of drinks during the day