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Advanced BCAA

BCAA’s on steroids! Only for the hard-core supplement user that wants an effective muscle building product or wants to use a superior form of BCAA supplement

  • Aids in Increasing your muscle mass
  • Helps support recovery
  • Contains: Leucine peptides, valine peptides, & isoleucine peptides

Product Description

Best BCAA Supplement

Advanced BCAA is the best bcaa supplement for the hard-core supplement user only & that wants a more ADVANCED, superior form of BCAA’s and not the typical BCAA supplement you’ll find on the retail shelf Do not use this product if you are a beginner to using supplements Only use if you are an experienced supplement user

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If you are not making muscular gains by using your old BCAA supplement, our Advanced BCAA is the product to use to solve this problem Advanced BCAA’s are superior to free form BCAA’s because it is more absorbable Advanced BCAA is in peptide form and from predigested whey protein This makes it much more effective and beneficial to gaining muscle So if you have given up or don’t think BCAA’s work, try our Advanced BCAA powder and you wont be disappointed

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If you have never taken a BCAA supplement before or even if you have then I suggest you give our Advanced BCAA supplement a try

Advanced BCAA’s are made from a hydrolyzed whey protein isolate Its 100% whey protein really But the amazing thing about this hydrolyzed whey isolate is that it is a whopping 50% BCAA! Incredible really A pre digested whey protein that is 50% BCAA Normally hydrolyzed whey protein is only 30% BCAA Thus for every 10 grams of Advanced BCAA you are getting 5 grams of pre-digested BCAA peptides NOT free form amino acids from China Why is this so exciting and valuable to your bodybuilding goals?

BCAA peptides are the building blocks of muscle Your body cannot make BCAA’s You have to eat them One easy way of course is food and things like whey protein powder That is why whey protein works so well because it contains BCAA’s at high levels Advanced BCAA is 50% BCAA in peptide form!! Peptides are digested faster and more efficiently than whole foods and normal protein powders This means more muscle building and recovery support!!

Advanced BCAA is a high end, hard-core muscle building product You will not find this product on any retail shelf It is too expensive and the taste is not good Peptides taste bitter, but let me tell you how to avoid that bitter taste Simply add it to a good tasting protein powder

Take 1 scoop of say our Molkegan Whey and add 2 tsp of Advanced BCAA to this post workout BAM! you have yourself a whey protein on STEROIDS! You are totally jacking up the BCAA content of the whey in addition to transforming it into a pre digested protein supplement

Finally you can use this as a complete protein source Meaning you can replace your current whey protein powder or protein supplement with this powder Really this stuff is whey protein on steroids no doubt and I guarantee you are going to love the results!


The most popular way is to combine with a good tasting protein powder Advanced BCAA’s taste very bitter due to the high amount of peptides Peptides taste very bitter You want to use 1 tsp of Advanced BCAA’s with every serving of protein powder This will really upgrade the quality of the protein powder by adding BCAA, AND in peptides form If you are using a whey protein you’ll increase the overall BCAA content by over 20%

“When is the best time to take Advanced BCAA’s?

Post workout is going to be the best time to utilize Advanced BCAA’s The body needs amino acids after a workout and Advanced BCAA’s provide a potent dose However, you can always add 1 serving of BCAA’s to every protein shake to upgrade the quality of that protein powder

How is Advanced BCAA’s better than free form amino acids?

How long does a container of Advanced BCAA’s last?

One container of Advanced BCAA’s is 454 grams We suggest using Advanced BCAA’s at least once per day whether you workout or not If you are going to use it once per day, try to use post workout with your protein powder and carbs If not then simply combine with your protein powder

How do I maximize the use of Advanced BCAA’s with other products you sell?


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    14 reviews for Advanced BCAA

    the best this is a great supplement, I will not use any other brand

    Advanced BCAA Another home rumYou will not find this product on any retail shelf. Amazing recovery time when added to Native Whey post training

    Advanced BCAAs I really like these BCAAs I like that they are pre digested

    BCAA Amazing product

    Recover better Helps you fend off soreness with a ketogenic diet

    Advanced BCAA's I have used free form BCAA powder, with no results except an upset my stomach ,I have had great results with Protein Factory 100% hydrolyzed whey protein that has a 50% BCAA content in peptide form ,Great absorption and superior results, no stomach issues

    I use before and after workouts for energy and recovery,

    Excellent high quality products PF is the only place I'll ever buy my protein It's a clean, high quality product

    A (good) different kind of BCAA supplement I have been taking supplements for quite some time and as of lately – I have been trying to transition to naturally flavored or unflavored supplements I have been following Alex Rogers and Proteinfactorycom for a while now – but never had an opportunity to order anything until now I have to say that this is one of the better (if not best) performing BCAA supplements in the supplement market right now

    Bad taste You can't mix it with enough to stuff to get rid of the bad taste

    Very happy with my choice Very happy with my choice of products I received I will be reordering again along with other products

    JustinT I have been using this product for about a month, and I can already tell the difference I look forward to seeing the results after longer term use

    Alex Rogers Proteinfactory March 8, 2015

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    Alex Rogers Proteinfactory March 8, 2015